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Oh Wonder, Hoodie Allen & Dutch vlogger Teske

December 12, 2017

Hello again! It's been a while.....sorry for that. Life's been a bit busy, which is nice because I'm photographing a lot at the moment but it's extremely tiring. But oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Right?


Last week I had the opportunity to photograph Oh Wonder at Doornroosje in Nijmegen. I didn't really know what to expect from this as I only 'knew' about one song, but as I heard a lot of really good things about the show the night before I had really high expectations.


First of all: a huge thank you to the venue for being so extremely kind to me. As a young, female photographer nobody ever takes you serious and thinks you're just a fan who's trying to sneak in. Out of all of the concerts I photographed at (I don't know the exact number so let's say 25), I was treated like a normal photographer who's just doing her work at around 5. Which is quite frustrating and annoying, but at Doornroosje they were really professional and never even questioned if I was there for the right reasons. 


Now, on to the show. The show was really, really, really good! As I said before, I didn't really know what to expect but they actually blew my mind!  They really enjoyed it and made sure everyone in the audience was having a good time. The lighting situation was a bit hard, as they had bright green lighting and a lot of lighting from behind. But my pictures turned out really well and I'm super happy about that! Click the picture down below to see more pictures of that show.




The next concert of the week was Hoodie Allen with support act Goody Grace at the Melkweg OZ in Amsterdam. The show was so much fun! He had a lot of energy and he really hyped up the crowd. Unfortunately, the lighting situation wasn't the best. He almost had zero lighting on his face, so my settings weren't what I wanted them to be. I tried fixing it a bit in Lightroom, which did work. But it's not what I wanted it to be. The pictures aren't my favorite, but you have that once in a while. Click the picture down below to see more pictures of that show.




Last but not least: Teske! I went to Teske's show in Rotown, Rotterdam. This is one of my favorite venues to shoot at because it's very intimate but still a really nice venue with really good lighting. It's also a venue in my hometown, so going home after the gig was way nicer than going home after a gig in Amsterdam. 


Teske's a really good singer with a lot of younger fans. Normally when I'm working at a concert with a younger audience it's really hard to walk around to find different angles because they never really let you walk through the crowd. That wasn't the case at all this time! Everyone was really nice and just let me do my thing. The lighting was really, really nice and I made so many good pictures. One of them might even be one of my favorite shots I've ever made! My settings were really nice to work with as well, which makes it so much better already. Settings: ISO 1250, F/4 & shutter speed 200. This is the picture I was talking about before. Click the picture down below to see more pictures of that show.




And that was it for this week! I hope you enjoyed reading it once again and please let me know what you thought of this week's blogpost!





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