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Isaac Gracie, Joost & Yungblud (twice)

January 30, 2018

Well hello again, it's been a while! A little more than a month to be exact. January has been really quiet, the first gig of the year was only last week and I'm here again to tell you about that.


On january 20th I had concert #1 of 2018: Isaac Gracie in Rotown, Rotterdam. I didn't really know what to expect as I didn't know any of his music, but I was pleasantly surprised. His voice is really calming and the vibe at the gig was just amazing. Everyone was so nice to me when I stood somewhere in the crowd to take a picture, they even made room for me so I could do my thing! The only thing I normally get are dirty looks and pushes. Even though the show was a bit too serene for me, I definitely enjoyed hearing such a beautiful voice. The lighting was alright tonight, the last few times I was at Rotown they had great lighting, but tonight was just ok. It was a bit too much of the same thing I guess, which makes it hard to have variety in your pictures.


A few days later, on january 25th (my birthday woo!) I went to Rotown again. This time it was for Yungblud, a band I got to know at Metropolis Festival last summer. This was my third time photographing them and I swear they get more energetic every time I see them. The show was amazing, just as I expected it to be. The lighting situation was the same as the week before as Isaac Gracie's show, so it's the same story again: the lighting was ok, but it was a bit too much of the same thing, which makes it hard to have variety in your pictures.


A day later I had to photograph at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. It was time for Joost, a YouTuber from The Netherlands. I really did not know what to expect, I know I say that at every show, but it's the truth. I like to be surprised at gigs, to not know what I'll be seeing that night. Well, this show was basically everything I didn't expect: moshpits, songs about mayonnaise and a gig full of 15-year-olds. Thank god I had my friends Aicha and Anouk with me, otherwise I think I had ran away after a few minutes. Other than how chaotic and full of energy the show was, I still had a lot of fun with my friends. The lighting at this show wasn't that good, and me being in the middle of 'moshpits' didn't really give me the chance to make good pictures. But oh well, you have that every once in a while. Right?


Only three days later, on january 28th, I went to see Yungblud again. My friend Lotte had to work at the show in Amsterdam and asked me to come with, so I did. I liked this gig better than the one in Rotterdam, maybe because it was the last show in The Netherlands. The guys were extremely hyped up and the vibe in the venue was just so much nicer here. Also: the lighting situation at the Melkweg was a lot better and I got to shoot some pretty sick pics.


If you ever get the chance to go see these guys live, I'd definitely do it. The gigs are great, working for them is even better. 


And that's it for this week! If you're interested in seeing more pictures from any of the gigs: click the pictures or the bold names and it'll send you to the album on Facebook.


Until next time!










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